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challenge of the Institut Guttmann in the Zurich Marathon 2020

Colabora en el reto del Institut Guttmann en la Zurich Marató 2020
Tuesday, 18 February, 2020

This year the "Zurich Marathon of Barcelona 2020" will carry out a large fundraising campaign through micro-donations on the platform, in which runners can create their challenge supporting the cause with which they feel committed. There are already 61 solidarity challenges that raise funds for various causes in the fundraising campaign Zurich Barcelona Marató 2020. 

One of the challenges has been created by the Institut Guttmann and is linked to the new social research project PARTICIPA.

In addition, once the Marathon is over, the Zurich Foundation has pledged to contribute to the Institut Guttmann, the equivalent of 50% of the collection obtained in the total of these challenges.
We are very grateful that the sport with solidarity values ​​is encouraged by providing extra motivation for the benefit of non-profit entities, and we encourage you to help us sharing this challenge and to collaborate. Thank you!