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Hospital measures against the Covid-19

Hospital measures against the Covid-19
Thursday, 12 March, 2020

Following the recommendations of the health authorities and given the current exceptional situation due to the expansion of the coronavirus, and as a provisional measure of prevention and containment, and to:

1. Avoid unnecessary spread of the virus especially among hospitalized patients who are most vulnerable.

2. Guarantee and preserve the safety of health professionals to enable them to continue, in the short and medium term, offering adequate health care to patients.

It is agreed that during the next fifteen days the outpatient rehabilitation activity (including child rehabilitation) as well as outpatient consultations will be canceled.

However, the hospital makes available to our patients the following alternative care measures:

1. External consultations will continue to attend only those emergencies related to our specialty.

2. A teleconsultation service will also be established to help clarify doubts or assess the urgency without having to go to the Institut Guttmann. This service will be offered through the Teams® platform that Microsoft offers for free as long as the epidemic threat by Covid-19 persists.

3. Surgical activity will be restricted only to urgent interventions.

4. A telephone service will be set up, carried out by the professionals in the functional rehabilitation area, to monitor outpatients from the functional rehabilitation area.

5. People who do neuropsychological treatment with the GNPT platform in the hospital will be able to continue doing it from their own home; monitoring can be done by videoconference.

Patients who present respiratory symptoms, cough or fever should follow the protocol established by the Department of Health and call 061 0 112 or go to their Primary Care Center.

From March 27, a new assessment of the situation will be made and the continuity of the activity will be reported.

We appreciate understanding and appeal to the responsibility and solidarity of all of us for the best and most efficient management of health resources and the preservation of collective health.

Thank you,

The direction of the center

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